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Tips for Using Google Drive: 

Watch the following tutorial to familiarize yourself with google Drive's functions.

Google Drive:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i125gM-UAoY



Tips for making Lab reports:  lab guideline 1D.rtf



Tips for Making Effective Posters
1.  Title. Clear, grabs your attention, conveys a message, Font large enough to be read form 10 feet away.
2. Headings for section of text & captions for visual images/graphics used
3. Content: clear, concise and sufficiently detailed.
3. Font, large enough to be read from min 4 feet away
4. Visuals; relevant, effective attractive
5. Use of Space: text/picture to white space ratio
6.  Consider Flow, the order and organization that draws the reader through the material presented
7. Visually appealing, creative, colorful



Tips for Making Effective Presentations

1. Organization                                         
Plan and script out what you are going to say  what, when and how.  
Plan out how you are going to organize materials/resources, where and how you are going to stand
Be explicit about the structure of your presentation and the points you are trying to make
*Include an Introduction:
    Confidently introduce yourself.
    Capture your audiences interest?  Use effective hooks or gimmicks.
    Clear convey your purpose& clearly outline what you will cover in your presentation.
* End with a Conclusion:
    Reinforce your key points.
    Leave the audience with a sense of closure.
    Leave the audience with something to think about

2. Content:
Make clear points that are supported by evidence.  -provide examples -answer the how question
Demonstrate a clear understanding and make clear connections.
Use subject specific vocabulary

3. Delivery:
Be enthusiastic, expressive and confident.
Speak naturally, clearly loudly and directly to the audience.
Make eye contact
Use appropriate gestures, think about your posture, what you do with your feet, your hands?
Don’t read your notes! Refer to them occasionally. *rehearse what you are going to say
When using Visual Aids make sure they are:
    Clear, neat & visually appealing
    Create illustrations, diagrams or  graphics to convey information or ideas where possible                                   

     When presenting text, use bullets, keep it short and sweet
    Interact with you visuals, refer to them directly, point things out on them
    Create props if appropriate

4. Discussion Questions: Be prepared, answer the issue of question directly accurately, clearly & effectively


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