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Consult an Expert on Ecology

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Select an ecological issue that affects urban communities, agriculture or forestry in Southern Ontario.

Pick something that is interesting or relevant to you.  E.g.  Invasive species, chemicals in the environment, biodiversity issues, or nutrient management issues.


The issue you select-should

-pertain to how human activities affect the sustainability of terrestrial and/or aquatic ecosystems within this area?

- Describe how human have or can take actions to positively affect terrestrial and/or aquatic ecosystems 


Ideas for topics

Sustainable agriculture


Conservation of Oak Savana ecosystem at the Pinery

Management of local deer populations.

Introduction of wild turkey's in the area.

Coyote management in local ecosystems.

Migration of Black Bears into Southern Ontario.

Protection and management of migratory birds in local marshlands.

Emerald Ash Borer effect on local forests

Dutch Elm Disease effect on local forest

Garlic Mustard a noxious invasive weed in local ecosystems.

Invasive carp in the great lakes.

Nicotinoid's and Bees.

Pesticide bans in local municipalities.

Waste water and Sewage treatment in local communities.

Manure Management of local farms.

Fertilizer management on local farms.

Managing ecosystems to promote butterflies habitat.

Bioaccumulation of chemicals in the aquatic food chain of the great Lakes.

Beach closures due to high bacteria counts at local beaches.

Loss of wetlands in Southern Ontario.  Rehabilitation of wetlands in S. Ontario.


***DO NOT pick a topic related to climate change***


Assignment Outline:  Select Either option A or B  consult an expert.rtf



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