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The Earth is in Your Hands

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As part of a group you will make and then take care of your earth

You will have the responsibility to care for the earth for 1 day.  A schedule will be set up by your group.

You must carry it with you throughout the day and complete the following tasks before you pass it on to the next keeper of the earth.

Each person must write/record a reflection of your impact on the earth and whether people live sustainably on this planet.  (see example below)



1.  Add something to the earth. 

Your earth must have have the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere illustrated in some way.  

Think creatively.  You may want to be realistic as if looking at earth from a satellite or present ideas more symbolically.

In your reflection explain what you added and why.


2.  Reflect on human impact on the earth. *This is the most important part of your reflection!!

Human's have the capacity to live sustainably on this planet.  Do we?  Why, why not? 

What do we need to do to live sustainably? 

-Relate your ideas to the 'sphere' your have added.

-Provide 3-4 ideas to explore each of these questions.  Provide evidence and examples to support your ideas.

(Feel free to do additional research and share quotes, video links from environmentalists, images etc..)


3.  Reflect on your ability to take care of the earth.

Based on your day as Keeper of the Earth.  How did people respond to the earth?   Were you a responsible keeper of the earth?  Why or why not? 



What will the product look like?

Your group will decide.  Options to consider. 

Create a blog everyone in your group contributes to.  Write a journal.  Create a video log.  generate a google doc etc..  If you do something digital share your work with your teacher electronically.


Assessment.  Aim to...

Communicate ideas with a high degree of clarity.

Deliver a clear thoughtful message for your peers about sustainability.


Sample Reflection


I added wetlands (a component of the hydrosphere) to the earth because wetlands cover 4-6 % of the earths surface and they are one of the most significant types of ecosystems on the planet.

See the following link to see images of  globally significant wetlands:  http://greenbuzzz.com/environment/five-most-impressive-wetlands-on-earth/


     In 1854 Henry David Thoreau wrote that " in wilderness is the preservation of the world".  If human kind is going to live sustainably on this planet we are going to have to preserve wilderness.  It is only in wilderness that natural processes work to generate the conditions we have come to appreciate on this planet.  For example we depend on natural processes to generate clean water.  Wetlands are essential for maintaining water quality.  However, more than 85% of wetlands have been drained in Southern Ontario.  As a result water quality in our lakes and rivers has declined.  For example during 2013 beaches were closed to swimmers in Huron Country 39% of summer days (Huron County Health Unit).  If we want to live sustainably in S.Ontario more wetland need to be rehabilitated, riparian zones should be established along all rivers and streams and shoreline estuaries need to be naturalized.  I think Thoreau would agree that it is our obligation to protect 'wilderness' and 'wilderness' will protect our water.


     Throughout my day as keeper of the earth I noticed that people were generally curious and respectful.  I think that telling people its story may have made them stop and think for a moment. One person told me about going to the pinery this summer and their experience canoeing in the wetlands along the old usable channel.  Most people think of wetlands as a place were there are a lot of mosquitoes rather than a place that cleans our water.  I think I did a small part to increase people's awareness of the importance of wetlands.  



Literature Cited

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Neil Young   Be the Rain  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfvabXIlXaw


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