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Space Review

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In Class Exam

Know the characteristics of stars and how it relates to the lives of stars.

You will be analyzing data about stars.




1. Use and Define the following terminology

heliocentric, geocentric, comet, meteor, asteroid, meteorite, solar system, galaxy, universe


2.  Describe the order and characteristics of the planets in our solar systems

-distinguish the key characteristics of the inner and outer planets

-order from sun

- distinguish between the rotation and revolution of a planet

-describe a few characteristics of planets in the solar system


3.  Describe in detail the solar nebula theory.


4.   Describe why, with detailed examples, scientists study the earth and solar systems using satellites, space probes and the ISS.


5.  Use and define the following terminology when describing the characteristic of stars

mass, size, colour, luminocity, colour, temperature, corona, sun spots, life cycle



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