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Chemistry and Biology Culminating Assignment

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Overall Expectations

B1. assess the impact of human activities on the sustainability of terrestrial and/or aquatic ecosystems, and evaluate the effectiveness of courses of action intended to remedy or mitigate negative impacts 

C1. assess social, environmental, and economic impacts of the use of common elements and compounds, with reference to their physical and chemical properties 



There are many substances that have been generated in our world that are both useful to human society and had many unintended harmful consequences.  In this assignment your task is not to identify that a substance is bad or good but how it can be managed in a sustainable way to minimize the harmful impacts. 




A) Select one of the following topics.  Your topic must be unique from other students in the class.  



Bitumen from oil sands          

Plastics (Reece & Robyn)



Uranium/nuclear waste (Gabbi)         


You may pick a topic not on the list, just run it by me.  (You can not do nitrogen fertilizer)


B)  Identify some of the key questions related to the topic and conduct research on that topic.  They may include;

What is the chemical make up of the substance?  

Why has this substance been so useful? What properties of the substance make it useful to people in industry or in our daily lives?

Is the substance used sustainably?

How does the chemical get released into the environment leading to exposure to living things?  (air, water, soil)

How does the chemical substance affect people's health and how is this related to its properties?

How does this chemical substance affect the environment?

How does this chemical substance affect organisms in ecosystems?

Describe course of actions that can be taken to minimize the impacts on the environment, human health and ecosystems.


C)  Remember the overall exception and check out the rubric that will be used to evaluate the content of your presentation.  Use it to help you design of your presentation.


D) Conduct a presentation for the class.


Tips for Making Effective Presentations

1. Organization                                         
Plan and script out what you are going to say  what, when and how.  
Plan out how you are going to organize materials/resources, where and how you are going to stand
Be explicit about the structure of your presentation and the points you are trying to make

2  Introduction: 
    Confidently introduce yourself and your topic.
    Capture your audiences interest?  Use effective hooks or gimmicks.

    Clear convey your purpose& clearly outline what you will cover in your presentation.


3. Content: 
Make clear points that are supported by evidence.  -provide examples -answer the how question
Demonstrate a clear understanding and make clear connections.
Use subject specific vocabulary


4. End with a Conclusion: 
    Reinforce your key points.
    Leave the audience with a sense of closure.
    Leave the audience with something to think about

5. Delivery: 
Be enthusiastic, expressive and confident.
Speak naturally, clearly loudly and directly to the audience.
Make eye contact
Use appropriate gestures, think about your posture, what you do with your feet, your hands?
Don’t read your notes! Refer to them occasionally. *rehearse what you are going to say


6.  When using Visual Aids make sure they are: 
    Clear, neat & visually appealing
    Create illustrations, diagrams or  graphics to convey information or ideas where possible                                   

     When presenting text, use bullets, keep it short and sweet
    Interact with you visuals, refer to them directly, point things out on them
7. Discussion Questions: Be prepared, answer the issue of question directly accurately, clearly & effectively












Research Presented Thorough and In-depth Research  Considerable research
Some research
Limited research
Explanation of how the physical and chemical properties of the substance relate to its use, health and environmental impacts Thorough and detailed explanation provided making many connections Considerable explanation making connection in each area.
Some explanation and connections provided
Few explanations and connections provided
Ability to consider multiple perspective on the impacts of the chemical substance. Is able to outline and thoroughly discuss many different viewpoints on the issue  Is able to outline multiple viewpoints on the issue Is able to outline some different viewpoints on the issue Has difficulty analyzing and evaluating the issue from different points of view
Proposes a clear solution on the sustainable use of the chemical substance. Is able to outline and thoroughly discuss all the factors associated with sustainability as they pertain to the proposed solution.
Provides evidence with a high degree of effectiveness
Provides considerable evidence to support a sustainable solution. Provides some evidence to support a solution

Provides limited evidence related to the proposed solution.


Note:  Hand in all written notes or reports that you generate to support your presentation.




Level 4

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1


(See communication criteria above.)

Thorough & in-depth ideas presented using scientific vocabulary.

Almost all of the presentation criteria.

Clearly and concisely communicated.


Many of the presentation criteria met

Some clarity of ideas presented.


Some of the presentation criteria met.

Limited clarity of ideas presented

Few of the presentation criteria met.

APA format

Literature cited list provided in APA format

Literature cited list provided in APA format with only minor errors

Literature cited list provided with some errors in APA format

Incomplete bibliography provided.





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