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Previous assignment list

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1. Photosynthesis Lab Due Tues Sept 11

2. Biology Test 1 Tues Sept 18   BIOLOGY TEST 1 SAMPLE ANSWERS.pdf

3. Plant Investigation  Due: Mon Oct 1

4  Biology Test 2 Tuesday Oct 9

5. Chemistry Test 1: Tues Oct 23  (Lab safety and Matter)

6.  Chemistry Research Assignment  Work Periods:  Wed-Thurs Oct 24-25  Be prepared to discuss your research and argument on Friday Oct 26 Due: Monday Oct 29.

7.  Chemistry Unit test.  Friday Nov 16.

8.  Static Test Nov 27

9.  Current Electricity Test  Thus Dec 6

10. Inclass Inquiry Portion of the final assessment  Wed Dec 12

This is worth 10% of your final course mark

You will be evaluated on the following skills:

graphing skills,  Ability to analyze data, Identify independent, dependent and control variables, Write a hypothesis using the "If....then...because..." structure, identify a testable question, identify the differences between observations and inferences,  present a clearly developed argument, calculate percent accuracy.

Familiarity with the following topics from the course would be valuable; Tomatoesphere project, Eutrophication, , density, physical and chemical properties of substances, electric circuits (design and build a circuit, current, voltage and resistance in series and parallel).

11.  Energy Project   Assigned Monday Dec 17  Work Period Mon Dec 17-Fri Dec 21  Due:  Mon Jan 7


12. FINAL ASSESSMENT Part 2  Final Exam Tues Jan 29  9-11 am

This is composed of  Knowledge and Application questions

The following can be used for Exam REVIEW





1. Keepers of the earth assignment:   The Earth is in Your Hands  

Students will be taking care of the earth Mon-Friday and are expected to share their earth with the class on Friday Sept 18.

Students written product is due no later than Mon Sept 21.

2.  Stream Study. Auable river study 2015.rtf     Due: Friday Sept 18

3.  Ecology Test 1:  Friday  Sept 25

4.  Ecology Test 2:  Postponed to Thursday Oct 8

5.  Alternative energy Research assignment and group work Alternative Energy Assignment

Individual Report due Friday Oct 16      Group Presentation  due Wed Oct 21

6.  Static Electricity Test Mon Nov 2

7,  Current Electricity Test  Thurs Nov 19

8.  Friday Nov 27 complete the following Lab safety Quiz: 


9.  Test on Physical properties/change, Chemical properties/change and the classification of matter  Mon Dec 7

10.  Test on Atoms and the Periodic Table.  Thursday  Dec 17

11.  Chemistry Research Question   Final Report Due Wed Jan 6

12.  Space Research Question Final Report and Sharing with other classmates Due Tues Jan 19



1.  Space Research Question  Assigned; Monday Feb 13  Research and script Due Tues Feb 21 (Students will be participating in class discussions about their topics)

Final product due Friday Feb 24.

2.  Space Unit Test:  Thursday Feb 16

3. Thursday Feb 23 Static Lab 1.pdf Students that were away need to come in Monday at lunch to catch up on this lab.

4.  Tues Feb 28  Static Lab 2.pdf

5.  Fri Mar 3  Static Test

6.  Current and Voltage Lab  Wed Mar 22

7.  Electricity Test  Friday   March 31

8.  Element Research Assignment 2017.pdf   Assigned Thursday April 14  Due  Wed April 19   Product can be paragraphs, a slide show, or explain everything video

9.  Chemistry Test 1   Friday April 21

10.  Chemistry Test 2  Tues May 9

11.  Wednesday May 10  The Problem with Plastics  Due Mon May 15

12.  Thursday May 18  Ripple effect assignment.  Due Tues May 23


13.  Biology Unit Test Wed June 7 (we will continue studying issues in ecology after this test)


FINAL ASSESSMENT Part 1  In class Final Assessment  Thursday June 15 

This is worth 15% of the term mark. and is composed of Thinking, Inquiry and communication skills


It is suggested that you go over the following in preparation for the in class portion of the final assessment
1.   Graphing skills

2.   Analyze how human inputs of nitrogen in ecosystems can lead to eutrophication?  Describe in detail how the addition of waste or fertilizer can lead to the formation of a dead lake.  Describe how populations of algae and bacteria change throughout the course of an algal bloom.  Describe how nitrate and oxygen levels change throughout an algal bloom.  Describe the ecological roles of algae and bacteria in an ecosytem.

4.  Review the activities we did measuring density. Know how to use the formula for density

5.  Review the lab we did using the Edison software.  Identify the characteristics of series and parallel circuits.
6.  Know the characteristics of stars and how it relates to the lives of stars.  You will be analyzing data about stars.


FINAL ASSESSMENT Part 2  Final Exam Monday June 26

This is worth 15% of term mark and composed of  Knowledge and Application questions

Review classes will occur Monday May 19-Wed May 21

The following can be used for Exam REVIEW

Extra help is available at lunch or after school for the entire month of June, just take the initiative to set something up. 







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