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Lab Safety

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Lab Work

Lab activities will be frequent. Many will involve inherent risks and strict safety rules must be followed.  

Students must wear CSA approved safety glasses or goggles provided in class.  Lab coats and gloves will be available when they are required.

Students must complete lab training and sign a lab safety contract before participating in lab work. lab safety contract.rtf

Students will be completing lab reports for lab work.  Students should follow these guidelines for lab format. lab guideline 1D.rtf



Student Activities 
Success Criteria;  Students will be able to 

Lab Safety Guidelines






1.  Lab Safety


2.  Review Lab safety contract  lab safety contract.rtf


3. Read Appendix 1.  Safe Science p. 598-600


4.    Check out:


Top Ten Lab Safety Rules:




5.  Try These Lab Safety Quizes



-act responsibly in the lab
-describe safety precautions taken in the lab


Lab Equipment

Wed Oct 10

2. Refer to p 608 -name common lab equipment
-demonstrate the proper use and care of equipment

Bunsen Burner


Thurs Oct 11

1. Bunsen Burner Safety

-understand the function of a Bunsen burner and demonstrate it’s proper use

-describe the affect of opening and closing the air collar on the flame.  Identify how the colour, shape and heat of the flame changes.

-describe the reactants and products associated with the combustion of natural gas



Friday Oct 12


1.  Read WHMIS handout for 2015 pictograms.pdf

Read p 601. Define each of the WHMIS symbols in Figure 2


2. Answer the following Questions.

WHMIS Worksheet.pdf

Add the 3 symbols to your worksheet that are missing.


3. Try this quiz on WHMIS



4. Should Mercury thermometer's be using in science classrooms?


Read the following MSDS for Mercury.



Generate a scientific argument to answer the above question.  Provide 3-4 supporting pieces of evidence.  Write your response in a well developed expository paragraph.


Paragraph Rubric.pdf



-identify the safety symbols.
--identify & describe the chemical properties of substances
-relate the use of WHIMS symbols to the chemical properties of substances.
-describe the role of WHMIS in society
- use MSDS sheets to identify characteristics of substances and the risks associated with them





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