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Current Electricity

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Topic    Success Criteria:  Students will be able to..... 

Circuit Basics


Nov 27




What is current electricity


Electric Pickle


Fun with Electricity 



Notes: Circuits.pdf



Read 13.1 Circuits and Circuit Diagrams p 551-554  Do Q 4 p 554



-describe the difference between series and parallel circuits

-use proper symbols to represent a battery, switch, light, load, resistor

-build and sketch simple parallel and series circuits

 Current and Voltage


Nov 28






Notes  Current and Voltage.pdf  (voltage)


Read 13.3 Electric Current p 556-557  Do Q 1-4 p 557

Read 13.5 Potential Difference p 560-561 Do Q 1-4 p 561

-define current using the proper symbols, formula and units

-illustrate how to connect a ammeter in a circuit


-define voltage using the proper symbols, formula and units

-illustrate how to connect a voltmeter in a circuit




Nov 29-30

Notes on Resistance.pdf


Activities modeling factors affecting resistance


Text Reference Read p 564-566

Do Questions 1-7 p 566


Text Ref Read 568-569

Q 1-8 p 570


-define resistance

-understand how factors affect resistance and the application of these factors in circuit design


-utilize Ohm's law to calculate resistance

-be able to manipulate Ohm's law to solve for current, voltage or resistance

-use proper units for resistance


Circuit Lab


Mon Dec 3





Investigating current and voltage in series and parallel circuits

circuit lab 2014.rtf  (part 1)



Edison is Located on the computers in 201 at:

This PC >>Apps (P:) >> Edison (folder) >> Edison 4 (folder) >> Edison (yellow lightbulb)



If you are away, the following Simulation program can be used to complete the lab :  https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/circuit-construction-kit-dc








Extra Resources

Bozeman Science Tutorial on Series and Parralell Circuits



Bozeman Science Tutorial on Current, Voltage and Resistence.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4Vq-xHqUo8


Simulation:  https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/ohms-law






Tues Dec 4




Notes: Power and Energy.pdf



Read 12.7  p 530-534

Q  6-7 p 535





Wed Dec 5


1.  Make a definition list of new terms

load, cell, current, voltage, resistance, power, AC, DC, charge, series, parallel, circuit, potential difference, ammeter, volt meter, ampere, ohm, volt, watt, kw.hr,

coulombs, electrons, conductor, insulator



2.  current review.pdf

Current Review Solutions.pdf


3.  Text book review.


1-5, 7-12, 15, 16 p 582

1-3, 23-26 p 581


More Practice with Circuits

Q 4,5,6,7 p 575

Q 1,2, 4 a) & c), 5-7 p 554




4.  Complete a chart summarizing the quantities, symbols, formulas and units associated with current, voltage, resistance, power, and energy



Other Resources

Bill Nye Electricity Video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icfJWcwJtWU











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