Static Elecricity




Topic/Date Lesson; notes, simulations, activities and other resources 

Success Criteria: 

Students should be able to;

Introducing Static Electricity 



Note: Static Electricity Lesson 1.pdf



John Travoltage:


Video:   watch -4:42

What makes up an atom?

How does an atom get a charge?

How is a spark generated?

What are practical examples of static electricity?


HW:  Text book  

Read 11.1 What is Static?   p 465-466 Do  Questions 2-8 p 471

Read 11.2 Charging by Friction p 472-473  Do Questions 1-2 p 477

-describe the structure of the atom

-describe how positive, negative and neutral charge forms

-define and apply the laws of electrostatics 


-investigate static electricity in the lab

Charging by contact and Induction




Note: Charging by Contact and Induction.pdf


Investigation: charging using a Pith ball Apparatus


HW Text book Read The Law of Electric Charges p 468-469

Text book Read Charging by Contact 11.2 p 474-477  Q 3, 5-8 p 477

-investigate the effects of a charged rod on a neutral or charged pith ball 

Conductors and Insulators




Senior Physics  Conductors and Insulators:  Watch 1-28:40


Text:  Read p 480-482 Do  Q 1-4, 6 & 7

-describe the difference between conductors and insulates

-describe uses of conductors and insulators

Investigating Charge 



Investigating Static using Metal Leaf electroscopes


Investigation 1: Charging by induction (temporary)

Investigation 2:  Charging by induction (permanent)


-completed prediction, observation and analysis for each investigation will be handed in


Electroscope simulation


Text book Read Using a Metal Leaf Electroscope p 469



-describe how to charge by contact

-describe how grounding affects charged objects

-describe how an electroscope responds to either positive or negatively charged objects

-describe how to charge an electroscope by induction and grounding


Reviewing Charging


Take up labs. Students need to focus on correcting their work.


Need more review watch:  Senior Physics Video:  Charging by Induction:


Completed in Class Text book Read Charging by Induction 11.6 p 486-488   Q 2-6 p 489





Read Electric Discharge p 492-495  Do Q 1-5 p 495


Lightning Videos



 Fun with Tesla Coils:







Self Quiz  Chapter 11  Q 1-18 p 500-501

Review Questions 1-6, 15-20, 23 p 498-499


Other Resources:

Watch Bill Nye Static Electricity Video:


Dangers and Used of Static:


Spray Painting:


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