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Sustainable Electricity Generation

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Topic    Success Criteria:  Students will be able to..... 
Tues Dec 11

Where does our Electricity come from?


Read Note on :Nuclear Energy.pdf


Thursday Dec 13

Where does our electricity come from?


Download the free app called "Gridwatch" onto your ipad


Complete the following worksheet using the app



 Don't worry about the "why" in the questions.  Make a hypothesis and we will discuss this in class.


 Homework:  Share this app with your parents and have a discussion about energy production in Ontario.



-describe the sources of electricity in the province

-describe the % make up of total energy generation in the province

-discuss factors that affect the distribution of generating stations in the province.

Thurs Dec 13 

Where does our electricity come from?


2. Using the following document How it Works.  Electricity Generation.



Read Pages 1-7

Complete the following questions

a)  What is the fuel for nuclear energy?

b)  What is the name of the reaction that produces the heat energy used to generate power?

c) How does a nuclear power generating station work.  Describe the diagram.

d) Nuclear energy is safe, clean and efficient.  There is one drawback however. 

Why are we concerned about nuclear waste? How is is managed?

-describe how nuclear energy is used as our primary sources of energy in Ontario


As it pertains to Nuclear Energy

-identify the location of nuclear reactors in Ontario

-use terms such as uranium, fission, heavy water, fuel rod/bundle reactor, turbine, electromagnetic generator to describe the production of electricity

-identify the structures and functions of the nuclear power plant

-identify pros and cons associated with nuclear energy

Friday Dec 14

Sustainability and Alternative Energy Sources


Solar voltaic or wind power.


1.  How does the technology work?


Solar Voltaic:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uPVZUTLAvA


Wind Turbine:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSWm_nprfqE


2.  Where is the best locations for installation in Ontario for solar and wind developments?


3.  Identify pros and cons of the use of this energy source.

-Describe 5-8 for each

-describe how a solar voltaic cell generates electricity

-describe how a wind turbine generates electricity


-describe the factors that affect the positioning of wind and solar arrays


-describe the pros and cons of solar and wind energy 

Mon-Wed Dec 17-21


  Energy Project


discuss the issues associated with power generation in Ontario currently


-discus and debate how individuals and the province can meet future energy needs in Ontario





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Where does our electricity come from?


THE BIG DIG Guiding Questions

1. What is the name of the power generating station associated with Niagra Falls?

2. How long is the tunnel re-channeling water?

3. How many homes can the power plant support?

4. Power stations divert more water from the falls during the night that during the day. Why is this? How does this correspond with the demand for electricity?


Read 12.5 p 518-519

5. Describe the design of the power facility. How is water diverted? How does the power plant work

6.  What are the pros and cons of hydroelectric power?


-describe how water is used to generate electricity


-describe the issues associated with the Sr. Adam Beck Power station 


-describe the pros and cons of hydroelectric power



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