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Alternative Energy Assignment

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Alternative Energy Sources


“Evaluating the possible solutions based on alternative viewpoints”


Your group will have 4 members. 

Each person will research and become an expert on one of the following topics


A) Wind

B) Solar

C) Biomass

D) Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency (home design, appliances)



PART 1 :  is done independently 

You will have Tues and Wednesday's class to work independently.

On Thursday you will meet with other people doing your same topic and discuss your research.

On Friday you must be prepared to teach the other people in your topic about your area of expertise.  The completion of individual work is essential to the function of the group!!!


Final Product

 Individually Summarize your research in a 1-2 page report.

Summary pages must be written in the students own words. Extensive copying and pasting is not acceptable. Any cases of plagiarism will be dealt with according to school policy.


Provide a bibliography in APA format. 

Use the following format:    Author, A. Date. Title of the article.  Retrieved; Date; from; http//.........

For Example:  

McCowan, M.  2014.  Alternative Energy Sources.  Retrieved Nov 3, 2014, from; http://grade9scienceshdhs.pbworks.com/w/page/75811544/FrontPage



1.  Start by setting up a google doc and share it with me.  melamcco@ed.amdsb.ca


2. Use the following questions to guide your research efforts,


If you are doing Solar, Wind or Biomass  Answer the following Research Questions


1. Where (specifically) are good places in Ontario to further develop the use of this energy source?  Refer to existing or possible locations.


Eg.  If Ontario was to build additional nuclear reactors, expanding the existing Bruce nuclear power plant in Kincardine or Darlington plant near Toronto would be reasonable locations.  These locations already have the proper infrastructure, waste storage facilities, operational knowhow and security required.



2. Is this a source of electricity that should be developed by individual home or land owners, large companies or government?  Why/why not?


Eg.  Nuclear could only be developed by government because it would require billions of dollars to build and it would need to be highly regulated by government as existing plants are.  Large companies will be contracted to build and operate the facility.


3.  Research various alternative viewpoints on the source of energy and evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of this source of energy.  Provide specific examples or evidence to support your ideas.  Consider some to all of the following.


A) How does this energy source affect the environment?  Consider the possible impacts on the atmosphere, soils, forestry, wildlife and/or aquatic ecosystems.

B)  How does this energy source affect human health?

C)  How will developing this energy source affect the economy?  Consider the cost to build, the capacity to employ people?

D)  How do people feel about this energy source?

E)  Is this energy source efficient and sustainable for a long period of time?



    For Topic D) complete the following


1. Research how we could cut energy use by 18% or more by doing any or all of the following;

A)  Describe how time-of-day billing works and how it is designed to increase energy conservation

B)  Describe a minimum of 8-15 behaviors that people can develop that help conserve energy.  Explain why they lead to energy conservation.

C)  Describe devises that can be used to conserve energy.

D)  Describe how homes can be designed to be more energy efficient.

E)  Describe how appliances and lighting can be more energy efficient.


2.  Discuss

A)  How does energy conservation positively affects the environment

B)  How will developing energy conservation affects the economy?  IE. How much does it cost to retrofit your house?  Can people afford it? 

C)  How do people feel about conserving energy? Is this reasonable and sustainable for Ontario Citizens?


Assessment for Individual Report


Level 4

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1

Evaluates solutions based on Scientific principles and  from alternative points of view

Is able to outline and thoroughly discuss many different viewpoints on the issue and is able to consider these as they pertain to the proposed solution.



Provides evidence with a high degree of effectiveness


Thorough research

Is able to outline multiple viewpoints on the issue


Provides considerable evidence



Considerable research

Is able to outline some different viewpoints on the issue


Provides some evidence


Some research demonstrated

Has difficulty analyzing and evaluating the issue from different points of view


Provides limited evidence


Limited research demonstrated  

Writing Style

Thorough & in-depth ideas presented using scientific vocabulary.


No errors in paragraph structure spelling and grammar.

Clearly and concisely written.


There are few errors in paragraph structure, spelling and grammar

Some clarity of ideas presented.


There are some errors in paragraph structure spelling and grammar

Limited clarity of ideas presented


There are many errors in paragraph structure spelling and grammar

APA format

Literature cited list provided in APA format

Literature cited list provided in APA format with only minor errors

Literature cited list provided with some errors in APA format

Incomplete bibliography provided




PART 2  Group work.

1.  Each group will be given a scenario based around a problem that they must solve as a team.


2.  The team must assess all the possible options researched by individuals  and come up with a solution to the problem.


3.  The team must present their solution as a 5-8 minute presentation to the class

The group may use visuals including diagrams, graphics, models, posters, a slide show presentation,


Check out the following communication criteria for how to design and deliver an effective presentation


1. Organization                                         
Plan and script out what you are going to say  what, when and how.  
Plan out how you are going to organize materials/resources, where and how you are going to stand
Be explicit about the structure of your presentation and the points you are trying to make


*Include an Introduction:
    Confidently introduce yourself.
    Capture your audiences interest?  Use effective hooks or gimmicks.
    Clear convey your purpose& clearly outline what you will cover in your presentation.
* End with a Conclusion:
    Reinforce your key points.
    Leave the audience with a sense of closure.
    Leave the audience with something to think about

2. Content:
Make clear points that are supported by evidence.  -provide examples -answer the how question
Demonstrate a clear understanding and make clear connections.
Use subject specific vocabulary

3. Delivery:
Be enthusiastic, expressive and confident.
Speak naturally, clearly loudly and directly to the audience.
Make eye contact
Use appropriate gestures, think about your posture, what you do with your feet, your hands?
Don’t read your notes! Refer to them occasionally. *rehearse what you are going to say
When using Visual Aids make sure they are:
    Clear, neat & visually appealing
    Create illustrations, diagrams or  graphics to convey information or ideas where possible                                   

     When presenting text, use bullets, keep it short and sweet
    Interact with you visuals, refer to them directly, point things out on them
    Create props if appropriate




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